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How HERE apps for Windows Phone help the planet

Climate change is something that affects us all, but it's also something we can have a massive, positive impact on without even making big changes to our lives. HERE can play an instrumental part in helping you cut emissions and help the planet. Start using HERE Drive and HERE Transit, and here's how you could make a difference.


Ditching the car and traveling by public transport is one of the easiest ways for you to cut down on greenhouse emissions. It helps the planet, and also improves air quality at the same time, in turn helping to make you feel better.

Just imagine if 50 people left their cars at home and caught one bus instead. That's 49 vehicles that wouldn't be on the road during rush hour, cutting congestion, speeding up journey times and slashing emissions. Based on data on Helsinki’s Journey Planner, which we highlighted when submitting HERE Transit for the World We Like challenge, it’s possible to estimate that 1.1kg of CO2 is saved for every 10km travelled by bus rather than by car. So, if even half the people using HERE transit were switching to public transport and leaving their cars at home, the savings per year would be massive.

It's easy to see the benefits then, but lots of us have previously avoided public transport because we don't know which buses or trains to catch, where to get off, or even where to catch them from. HERE Transit changes all this, making it particularly easy to get to grips with public transport, helping you to get to work more quickly, and often at a lower overall cost, than if you take your own car. What's not to like?

HERE Transit will tell you exactly which bus, train, tram or even ferry to catch, the places you need to go to start off, when you need to get off again and even how long your journey will take, letting you plan your trips down to the minute. It really is that easy.


Helping you avoid traffic

If there’s a real reason not to use public transport, though, there are plenty of ways HERE can help cut down on pollution when you take your car out on the road. Such as My Commute, a feature in HERE Drive that doesn't just save you time, but also helps to make your journey more efficient.

How so? You can enter one or multiple commutes with My Commute, adding a Live Tile shortcut to the Start Screen of a Windows Phone. Once it knows your start point and destination, My Commute will monitor traffic, and change your route accordingly, making sure you get home in the shortest possible time.

More importantly, avoiding traffic jams can have a huge impact on the environment, not least because most cars are at their most efficient when cruising at 55mph in top gear. Sure, there are exceptions: modern cars with stop-start tech may not be emitting pollution when stationary, for instance, but they're still far from efficient when crawling along at 5-10mph in heavy traffic. HERE-planet-3So it benefits everybody if HERE Drive can help you to avoid that jam. See our recent article from Paul Horrell to understand some of the complications here.

Finding the most efficient route

There are also other benefits to using HERE Drive during your regular journeys, such as the ability to find the best route. It's not necessarily about covering the shortest distance, but again HERE can help you to find quicker ways with fewer obstructions, keeping you cruising at more efficient speeds and getting you home faster.

Throw in the ability to see points of interest that are actually nearby - such as the nearest petrol station - so you're not needlessly straying off route, and it's easy to see how HERE can help you to cut down on pollution. 

Defeat Urban Congestion

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