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Introducing HERE Papyrus for fail-safe navigation

For centuries, maps and navigation tools have been essential to exploration, travel and commerce. HERE has vastly improved the utility of maps with digital and cloud-based location and navigation services for the mobile, the car and the standard desktop – so much so, we’ve had to find alternate ways to use the traditional paper map.

HERE Papyrus

But despite HERE’s offline mapping capability, reliance on electronic devices as a sole means for navigation may leave travellers stranded in the event of a device failure (how many times have you found yourself without battery?), not to mention the question of safety in certain places when travelling with a flashy mobile device.

To provide a cost-effective navigation solution that ensures directions even without access to your mobile device, HERE is introducing a new product: HERE Papyrus. HERE Papyrus offers people a physical companion to HERE Maps, HERE Drive and HERE Transit.

HERE Papyrus Design Lead, Pauline Ungelernte said: "We have focused significant attention on the tactile user experience of HERE Papyrus by providing tangible maps that provide a reliable back-up option and let the journey literally unfold in people’s hands."

HERE Papyrus in the car

In the car, HERE Papyrus provides motorists with easily accessible in-dash maps for accurate navigation at your fingertips, no matter the state of your electronics’ functionality.

HERE Papyrus LiveSight

HERE Papyrus for pedestrians, offers manual LiveSight translating our augmented reality experience to paper too.

"We have taken the lauded feature of the digital app and overlaid this information onto our HERE Papyrus paper maps, meaning urban explorers can see their synched collections, discover major landmarks and points of interest by simply holding HERE Papyrus directly in front of them," said Sehr Gefälschte, HERE Papyrus Product Manager.

HERE Papyrus comes printed on quality, tear-proof polymer paper and is available in more than 400 cities, in 97 countries worldwide. You can purchase HERE Papyrus from your local newsagent, gas station or auto dealer.

"Whether you simply want a back-up option for your electronic GPS navigation system, or you just want to explore the way Magellan did, HERE Papyrus puts the world back in your hands," Gefälschte affirmed.

NB: This was an April Fools' joke, folks. HERE will remain committed to digital solutions for the foreseeable future. We hope you've enjoyed all the fun around the Web today.

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