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Ten things you can do with traditional maps

We're obviously more than a little passionate about maps at HERE, and we love the way they've literally turned the world into something more manageable, something we can navigate with relative ease. The more technology changes mapping and navigation, however, the more obsolete those traditional paper maps become, and we're certainly not going to throw our old maps out! So, here are ten alternative uses for paper maps.

Framed art


The simplest, arguably the most effective, and the route some of us at HERE have already taken, is to adopt maps as art. Frame a large map, put it up on your wall, and it can look absolutely fantastic. There are certainly a lot of interesting maps worth saving out there.

Turn maps into lining for your wardrobe or cupboards

Bedroom furniture can be the most mundane of objects, so liven it up a little with your unused maps. Line the bottom, sides, backs of draws with your maps, or even the backs of wardrobe doors. Nobody will ever know from the outside, but you'll see your beloved maps each time you dip in to remove an item of clothing!

Get your map laminated and turn it into a tea tray


There's a lot more you can do with a map if you get it laminated first, making it waterproof and a lot more hardwearing. Why not make it the exact same size as the bottom of one of your tea trays - it'll make an excellent and distinctive lining.

Use maps as wall paper for a feature wall

Having a feature wall in your study helps to liven up a room no end, and it would be even more distinctive if that wall were covered head to toe in maps from around the world. It would also be something that's ideal to stare at for long periods of time while you're seeking inspiration!

Make place mats


If you do get your maps laminated, they'll also make impressive place mats, and we're sure they'll be a talking point when you have guests round. Just make sure you remember to put out the laminated ones, otherwise you may end up with soggy maps stuck to your dining table!

Make a desk lamp out of your globe

Got a globe you never use? You could always cut it in half and turn it into the perfect lamp shade! Just make sure you use low-powered bulbs, and keep the globe far enough away from the bulb that it doesn't start to melt!

Create your own map clock


If there's a special place you want to be reminded of every day, why not create your own map-based clock? All you need to do is find a simple circular clock, measure it, and cut out a circle in your map to stick over the top. That way, whenever you glance at the time, you'll be reminded of a place you love.

Create your own map envelopes

If you're not afraid to get the scissors out and get creative, why not have a crack at making your own envelopes? Your friends will gradually get to know when letters or items are from you before they even open them, and it's a great way of standing out from the crowd!

Use maps as a cover for photo albums


We tend to end up labelling our photo albums by time and place anyway - adding a map to the front of each album is a much more attractive way of doing things. It'll help you to remember where the photos were taken, and albums will also look great on a bookshelf when covered in maps!

Have it printed on a t-shirt

Where do you love the most? If you have a map of that place, get it printed on a t-shirt! It's the sort of job any good printers will be able to do, and you can even do it online. All you need to do is provide the map...

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