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Introducing community mapping in North America and Europe

Sophisticated mapmaking is a human and capital intensive business where at the same time many places change so rapidly that cartographers can’t keep up. That’s why we take a human approach to updating our digital maps at the pace of real world growth.

In addition to industry’s most advanced map collection tools and technologies, we enlist locals to share their home grown knowledge of a place by making changes to our maps that reflect their stories. In Belarus - in a just few months - locals mapped the entire country – 22,000 kilometres and 11,000 POIs. Using our Map Creator tool they put their country on the map. It’s what we mean by democratizing map making – putting tools in the hands of communities so that we can map the world together. After all, they know their neighbourhoods, their roads better than anyone else. By putting it on the map, everyone benefits.


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A unique approach to community mapping

With Map Creator people around the world can make changes to the map, such as adding new roads, trails or places and updating road or place information, to keep HERE fresh and up to date.

Unlike other community mapping solutions, we work closely with expert mapping communities, who want to contribute with their local expertise to HERE maps, building long lasting relationships through tailored programs and personalized trainings. We have more than a thousand people spread across the globe working closely with experts at universities, GIS groups, local authorities, first responders, industry chambers and others to keep up with the world as it changes.


The new Map Creator: also in North America and Western Europe

Currently we’re working with more 400 communities in more than 100 countries and now we’re also opening up Map Creator to expert communities in North America and Western Europe. We have also redesigned Map Creator to make it easier and more fun to improve the map for people of all levels, whether you are new to the tool or an advanced expert

To maintain accuracy and ensure map quality, HERE has built a community map moderation system that allows both our HERE team as well as the community at large to verify edits before integrating them into the base map. Communities themselves do a first pass at moderating changes, and then they are submitted to HERE employees for extra validation and checking. Once integrated, these changes will become available to all users across the wide range of HERE customers, including automakers, personal navigation device manufactures, mobile device makers and web and enterprise clients.

With communities around the world we are creating the most complete, global, fresh map out there – one that will be the foundation of an entirely new class of location services.

image credit (home page): Rennett Stowe

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