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Arrival Control: HERE Mobile SDK for Business gets to work

Just ten days ago, we introduced the HERE Mobile SDK for Business and today we're happy to showcase one of the first apps created with the Kit: Arrival Control by Deutsche Telekom, available for iOS and Android devices.


With Arrival Control, you can temporarily share your location with friends and family to let them know that you’re on your way and how long it will take for you to get there. So, if you’re running late, the people you have selected will see your new estimated time of arrival on the app, in real time. And when you arrive at your destination, the location sharing automatically turns itself off for maximum privacy.

Businesses large and small can take advantage of Arrival Control to inform clients of any kind of delivery. Have you ever waited for your pizza order, for example, wondering how far away the delivery person is? This could provide an answer for businesses that adopt it.

Arrival Control offers a fast and fluid experience: the map quickly responds when you want to zoom, pan or rotate it. You can share your location for a specific amount of time and, if you plan a journey home or to a party, our location platform will calculate a route on foot or by car for you.


Step one: Creating an Arrival for the person awaiting you that shows your route and ETA.



Step two: The person waiting for you receives an email which will reveal where you are and how long it will take them to get to you.



1 The traveller's view of his route and ETA, and a record of sent notices.


Arrival Control makes use of our versatile Mobile SDK, which can be tailored for different and specific cases. With our intelligent routing, everyone can calculate routes to find the fastest or the shortest way between locations. Additionally, our vector maps load quickly and use less data than bitmapped alternatives.

Thanks to the HERE mobile SDK, Arrival Control can be used on almost any modern device: as a native app on iOS and Android or as a web app for your computer or any other smartphone with a modern browser.

Although it’s a Deutsche Telekom product, Arrival Control is also available outside of Germany in English and German. If you want more information, including how to use it for your business, you can jump to Deutsche Telekom’s site (in German).

Are you using or are you going to use Arrival Control? Let us know in the comments section below.

image credit: Sharon Mollerus

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