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Navigation for more people: HERE Maps for Nokia X

The UN estimates that by 2030 more than five billion people will be living in urban environments. The fastest growth is expected in smaller African and Asian towns and cities, which have fewer resources to respond to the magnitude of the change. This is also true for mobile data networks, which are sometimes not developed enough to support the increasing demand of mobile web services.


In today’s world, being able to find your way isn’t just an option anymore, it’s a necessity. That’s why we developed HERE Maps for Nokia X to bring our location experience with true offline maps and integrated turn-by-turn navigation to more people and new markets.

Is free navigation always free?

Location experiences were once exclusive to a few people, then they entered more pervasively into our lives with personal navigation devices and, today, they are in many people’s hands with smartphones. But now it’s time to democratize navigation even more and bring it to a more affordable smartphone category. We are doing it with HERE Maps for Nokia X, which offers first-class navigation especially for the mobile-first generation.

Sure, free navigation apps are already widely available, but are they truly free? Not if you are traveling to another country and have to pay expensive roaming costs just to look for places, calculate routes and navigate.

Are they truly global? Not in countries like Turkey, Vietnam, Kazakhstan and Russia, where similar competitive smartphones are widely used and the preinstalled mapping app often doesn’t provide any navigation features.

And how much does the smartphone cost? Similarly priced smartphones often can’t offer the performance of the Nokia X when it comes to map apps.

With HERE Maps for Nokia X, you get fresh maps for nearly 200 countries, navigation in 96 countries and a true, cost-saving offline experience.


Introducing HERE Maps for Nokia X

Our maps come in handy every day when you're underground, traveling or just lost or low on signal: just download complete countries right to your phone over Wi-Fi. When you don’t have data connection, you can still search for places with type-ahead suggestions, access your favorites and calculate your route.

With HERE Maps for Nokia X, you can get directions and turn-by-turn navigation for walking. If you’re getting around by train, you can get transit routes and check departure times at nearby stops.

If you have a car, you can get driving directions in 96 countries and voice-guided turn-by-turn navigation in one country of your choice. HERE Maps for Nokia X alerts you if you’re speeding up, shows you traffic conditions and allows you to personalize your route to avoid toll roads, motorways and others. The display will also automatically adjust the color scheme and brightness for better viewing conditions day or night, reducing distractions so you can keep your eyes on the world ahead of you.


And because the app is a HERE product, you can sync your favorite places between your Nokia X, here.com and other HERE apps. You can explore and pre-plan where to go and what to visit at home and use your phone get there. And if you liked a place, you can tell your friends about it by sharing locations via email or social networks.

With HERE Maps for Nokia X, we are opening the world of location-based services and car navigation for more people. Especially to those who are experiencing rapid urbanization not matched by fast-enough network infrastructures.

Do you live in such an environment? Let us know how location-based services are helping you navigate your life.

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