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Winning with better maps: new Mobile SDK for Business

If you want to understand why Confederate General Robert E. Lee attacked Union forces during a fateful battle in Gettysburg during the American Civil War, just take look at a map.

Last year an American university produced a faithful recreation of the battlefield to help historians understand why commanders made certain moves.

In fact, governments and even companies have been using maps as a strategic tool for centuries to make decisions and plan for the future. As mapmakers, we’ve been helping organizations sharpen their strategy and more so today by introducing the HERE Mobile SDK (software development kit) for Business.

The HERE Mobile SDK for Business will be available for the Android and iOS platforms. With the SDK, government agencies and companies can get access to HERE maps and location tools so that they can quickly and easily develop native applications specific to their enterprise (in this article's images, we are showing how the SDK could be used by a delivery service).

Just like a general in battle, maps and location tools help companies plan, prepare and react better and faster. With the HERE Mobile SDK for Enterprise they can develop mobile applications on the most comprehensive and detailed map out there and rely on a hybrid platform that gives them access to their map data even without a data connection. Intelligent routing means that businesses can calculate routes in a number of ways including finding the fastest or the shortest way there. Plus maps are rendered on the device so that they load more quickly and use less data.

Example of how the SDK can be used by a delivery service

The possibilities for businesses to save time and money and act smarter are almost endless: Logistics firms can track resources, helping boost efficiency. First responders can react faster to incidents. Delivery personnel can trigger notifications to people at their destination when they are close by. Security companies can plan emergency routes in advance. Financial institutions can better track transactions to reduce fraud.

At Gettysburg, during that second day of fighting, the researchers found that from his vantage point Lee vastly underestimated Union forces. Meanwhile, Union officers were able to better survey the battlefield, and they reacted in time to resist the oncoming charge. Turns out the better map altered the course of a battle and, ultimately, the war.

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