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HERE for Windows Mobile Apps Features Instagram

How Facebook, Twitter and Instagram make HERE smarter

There are an increasing number of location-aware apps available for Windows Phone 8 that use HERE to offer location features – it’s the default for Windows Phone.


The mapping details are provided by HERE but, perhaps surprisingly, information doesn’t just flow one way. HERE actually becomes more intelligent each time somebody uses an app like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Foursquare.

This is possible thanks to each app sharing information with HERE. Don’t worry, though – HERE isn’t tracking you, retaining individual records or even remotely interested in your movements. It’s gathering information based on the collective behavior of people around the world taking the ‘personal’ to new levels.

Building location services

To build location services, HERE doesn’t just capture an index of streets, buildings and parks to create a rich model of the real world: we are also combing activity data to help people make sense of their urban environments.

We can, for instance, understand how the population of big countries is distributed, what they are searching for, which language they speak, how accurate their location devices are, and other information points.

With more and more apps using the Windows Phone location features, HERE is only going to get better and better. More apps mean more information coming in at shorter intervals, enabling HERE to collect intelligence faster and more efficiently, and as an end result, everybody who uses HERE experiences comes out a winner.

wp_ss_20140211_0001Apps powered by HERE

So which apps use Windows Phone location features, powered by HERE? These are just a few that benefit from and share information for the common good:


Facebook for Windows Phone has used HERE for the past couple of years, letting social media fans log in and tell friends where they’re posting from and checking into new locations around the world.


Each time you take a photograph using Instagram, your Nokia Lumia logs your coordinates. With this information, you can then create a Photo Map, with people able to see your snaps on a map of the world. You can also check out Photo Maps belonging to other Instagram users.


You can check into different locations using Foursquare, telling people where you are. The app can then offer information based on what your friends and other people have been up to in the surrounding areas to help you find new and interesting things to do.

Michelin-HEREMichelin Travel

Michelin Travel offers access to information about more than 30,000 tourist attractions around the world, with interactive maps and details of nearby points of interest that can be downloaded and viewed offline. As with the other apps here, Michelin Travel uses HERE and feeds back information that helps to improve the HERE Maps and HERE Drive experience.

Package Tracker

Package Tracker uses the Windows Phone location features to track items that have been posted from their starting point all the way to their destination. The app provides details on checkpoints along a package’s journey, and you can even check out exactly where an item has been using HERE Maps.


Storyteller arranges your Nokia Lumia’s photographs into a date and location-based timeline, with photographs grouped depending on when and where they were shot. You can check out images on HERE maps, and follow where you’ve been around the world.


As with Facebook, Twitter takes advantage of the Windows Phone location features to share your location details with followers. You can also see exactly where you are using HERE maps from within the app.

How can you see collective social information being useful for new apps?

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