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Introducing HERE Three Sixty, the official HERE blog

Location, location, location. The importance of location is incontrovertible and now there’s a new blog focused on just that: Three Sixty, the official HERE blog.


The goal of Three Sixty is to provide a wide-ranging, in-depth conversation platform – and not just for those of you who have been interested in HERE. The blog will also provide information for people who want to learn more about location or who want to gain insight into how location intelligence is shaping the future of humanity. Wherever you fit, we hope you’ll join the conversation with your comments, your questions and your ideas for upcoming topics.

It all starts with a map. Even the dramatic opening of Game of Thrones introduces the setting for each episode with a map, from King’s Landing to The Wall. Maps allow us to organize information and answer more complex questions than just how to get from A to B.


You might be unaware of the process, but when we want to make sense of where we are in relation to the environment, we are actually mapping. And when we are materializing such spatial information, we become mapmakers.


That’s what the people at HERE have been doing for the last three decades. In that time we have celebrated many milestones, such as the first European map in a car in 1994 and the first online map in 1995. It’s been an incredible journey and just like Gulliver we have fantastic stories to tell.


They’re stories about maps, cartography, current and future technologies that help us make sense of the real world. They’re stories of cities that become smarter, of autonomously driven cars, of data visualization, of people always knowing where they are and how to get to the places they love. And they’re stories about what drives us, why we do what we do, and why we believe that location intelligence is shaping the future of humanity.

Next steps

But most importantly, we know that we’re entering a new phase of our journey and that our most exciting stories have yet to be written.


We aim to cover all the location-related topics so that you can get the full picture of the world of location. That means we will not only look at location from our own point of view, but also through the eyes of independent contributors, including experts in cartography, connected driving, design and much more.


And this is why we decided to name our blog Three Sixty. We want to build a social platform for news, views, and conversations that provide a 360-degree perspective of the location business. The name also relates to the roots of location, back when people used the compass and its 360-degrees to map the world around them.


Bookmark 360.here.com, follow us on Twitter @HERE and join the conversations with us and all the other readers in the comment section below.

image credit: luis perez, Walt Stoneburner

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