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High five to 1 million kilometers of HERE HD Live Map!

Two years on from our first release of HERE HD Live Map at CES 2016, we’ve mapped 555,555 km of roads -- and we’ll reach 1 million km before the end of the year. That’s 1 million km of lane configurations, 1 million km of speed limits, 1 million km of roadside objects and 3D markers that pinpoint a vehicle’s location with sub-meter accuracy.

We’re continuing to expand HERE HD Live Map, as we begin mapping in China and Japan. This will create coverage well beyond 1 million km, and enable a truly global high definition map offering for auto makers to introduce highly automated driving into their cars. In addition, logistic planners can optimize multi-national fleets, and app developers can utilize a worldwide network of location intelligence.

1. The HERE HD Live Map

You already know that high definition maps are essential to enable autonomous driving. A map and a GPS system aren’t precise enough to allow a car to drive itself – you need something more exacting. We’ve been developing that exacting solution for 5 years, and it’s called the HERE HD Live Map. It’s an efficient, robust solution that uses multi-level maps to enable vehicles to detect their environment – objects, lanes, signs, road geometry -- then use localization models to orient within that environment with precision enough to switch on autonomous cars.


2. How we build the HERE HD Live Map

Data beyond simple roads and intersections – we’re connecting everyone and everything via high definition 3D maps. We have decades of map building expertise, and data contributed from more than 80,000 sources of geo-referenced content. With thousands of records from communities and partners, rich sensor data from multiple auto makers, we process over 5 billion location records per month to maintain the freshest maps available.

Maps for autonomous cars are the beginning as we look towards an Autonomous World. As we build the data infrastructure required, collaboration across industries is mandatory. With HERE HD Live Map living on an open location platform that is accessible to everyone, HERE is well positioned to catalyze that collaboration.



3. Who is using the HERE HD Live Map

We have unmatched real-time sensor input on a global scale, because we have unmatched list of contributors and partners. Practically every major auto manufacturer and automotive tier 1 company is exploring how HERE HD Live Map can support their products and services. City infrastructure planners and smart city innovators are already using our data to optimize for the future. Electronic companies such as Bosch, Continental, LG Electronics, and a growing list of companies are using HERE HD Live Maps to bring richer, smarter experiences to their customers… and the list keeps growing, as we announce more partners this week at CES 2018.

4. HERE HD Live Map can heal itself

To enable true autonomous driving, vehicles must possess a sense of the road well beyond their onboard sensors – but the road ahead can be a dynamic and unpredictable thing. The answer: utilize data from the cloud to compare current and historical map data. When a vehicle detects a difference in the road and the map, algorithms are set into motion to evaluate changing road conditions, and distribute those changes in near-real time to other cars on the road.



5. Measuring the quality of the map: the Quality Index

The conundrum of designing an autonomous car is determining when the car can drive, when it needs to take extra caution, and when it needs a human driver to take over. HERE HD Live Map incorporates a new technology called Quality Index. In short, busy roads where hundreds and thousands of sensors detect conditions every day can be navigated by an autonomous vehicle with a high degree of certainty. Less traveled roads, by comparison, have a lower QI, and thus the car takes appropriate cautions to ensure safety of passengers.

So unique is the Quality Index within HERE HD Live Map that we’re currently pursuing a patent for it. It’s a major step forward in our development of the world’s leading dynamic map for the self-driving era.


The HERE HD Live Map is one of our finest achievements, and we’re sharing all its facets and capabilities this week at CES 2018. Come by and see it, along with all the other innovations we’re bringing to the Autonomous World.

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