HERE Drive gets even better

HERE Drive is the perfect driving companion for anybody who’s constantly on road and the latest update provides some great new traveling tools.

Turn-by-turn directions

For the most part, searching for the place you want to drive to and pressing “Start” is as much as you’ll ever need. However, it’s sometimes good to have an insight on the route before you set out on your journey.

When you plan a route you’ll now be able to see every left or right turn from your starting point to the destination in a very straightforward, easy to follow directions list.

To keep your eyes firmly fixed on the road and concentrating on what’s important, this list isn’t available when you’re actually on route – only before you begin your drive.


Real-time traffic

One thing that frustrates any driver is other drivers. And to be more specific, traffic. Traffic could see your 30-minute journey turn into a 2-hour slog.

If you could avoid it, you would, right?

Real-time traffic information is displayed as you traverse your route. If a road is showing as green, it’s smooth sailing. If it’s red, it’s probably time to take a detour otherwise you’ll be bumper to bumper.

Traffic feature in all map views

The same real-time traffic feature mentioned above exists in any map view, giving you an at-a-glance traffic overview no matter your map preference.


Traffic-aware ETA

The ETA (estimated time of arrival) is just that – estimated. However the new traffic-aware ETA means that the time left shown on your screen is a more realistic one.

By taking into account all the congested, or clear, roads that may lie up ahead, HERE Drive calculates a more precise time that you’ll reach your destination.

Find your car

If you’re in an unfamiliar location, sometimes finding your car once you’ve parked it can prove difficult – especially if it’s parked in a huge car park with hundreds of other vehicles.

Once you’ve parked your car and exited HERE Drive, your location is automatically saved for future reference.

When it’s time to return to your car, HERE Drive shows you a map with a couple of extra options for navigating to your car.

Tap the ‘point me there’ option to activate LiveSight. This will show your car’s location marker on top of the real world through the camera’s viewfinder. ‘Walk there’ is another option for navigating to your car.

There’s also the added bonus of being able to add photos or notes to the car location, if that’ll assist you later. It’s up to you.

Make sure you update to the latest version of HERE Drive to take advantage of these new updates.

Have you update yet? Tell us what you think of the new version, below.

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