HERE Lights Up The Night Sky

Imagine walking out of your favorite market and seeing a group of seemingly random lights. You think to yourself, “strange, that wasn’t there before” but dismiss it and continue on your path.

Then you happen to see a big blue sign marked HERE. As you get closer to inspect this mysterious sign you see that the lights weren’t random at all; they perfectly trace the silhouette of a car.

This is precisely what shoppers at Spitalfields Market in London can see this week. We at HERE believe this optical illusion is a metaphor for the future of cartography. Our thinking is that as map making evolves so must the tools used to collect and translate the data. As the tools of the mapmakers of the Renaissance were the quadrant, the sextant and the astrolabe, the tools that enable the up-to-the-minute mapmaking of HERE are cars equipped with sophisticated motion sensors, 360 degree cameras and laser light radar (LIDAR) that can capture up to 700,000 3D data points per second.

These vehicles collect hyper-accurate detail about the world we live in, and more of it than anybody else. This technology helps us create a true-to-life, 3D model of our surroundings, including everything from street signs to points of interest.

This beautiful art installation, which we are calling the #spotHERE LED, was created by art collective Greyworld.


Andrew Shoben, founder of Greyworld, says “This is a car hidden in the city, whichever point of view you take you will see part of the car. The HERE car maps the city, the LED car is dotted around the city and the city itself is also visible through the silhouette.”


Greyworld’s installation consists of 150 LED lights on metal poles of varying heights. Setting each light perfectly so as to show the car is a time intensive task. And if Greyworld were to reset the installation in another location, it would be necessary to completely re-measure all of these positions against its new surroundings.

While this art installation is standing in London, HERE cars are roaming around the world. So we created a game and we’re asking those of you in UK to engage your curiosity and your interest in the wider world by unraveling a series of clues about the cities we are currently mapping.

Study the @HERE Twitter feed between November 11th and December 6th for clues, then visit here.com/spotHERE and drop the car on the location you believe it’s tweeting from on that day.

Correct guesses will be entered into a daily prize draw to win a £200 Virgin Experience Days voucher. After the competition closes on December 6th, a grand prize winner will be drawn and given the opportunity to design the holiday of their dreams, with up to £5,000 to create their perfect travel package with bespoke providers Original Travel.

Whether it’s beautiful twinkling lights shaped like a virtual car or the actual HERE car cruising through city streets around the world, know that HERE can always help guide you through the night.

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