Bigger mapping: HERE Maps for Nokia Lumia 2520

HERE has already established itself as a top-performing location business, powering 4 out-of 5 cars with in-dash navigation system and also a vital tool on your Nokia Lumia smartphone with a series of apps: HERE Maps, HERE Drive and HERE Transit.

HERE Maps is now also available on the upcoming Nokia Lumia 2520, delivering the same experience to the big screen.

With HERE Maps on your 10.1-inch screen, you’ll be able to plot a journey using the public transport, walking or driving options.

What’s more, by downloading maps, you’ll always be able to search for places and get directions even if you don’t have network coverage or a data connection. This is what’s called a truly offline mapping experience.

HERE Maps on Lumia 2520 works as a totally standalone service, but if you also own another HERE powered device the two become the perfect companions.

Imagine you’re on the couch planning how to get to a restaurant later in the evening. You can do all the planning on your Lumia 2520 and know with confidence that your Lumia smartphone, or car powered by HERE Auto, will seamlessly take over the job when you’re out and about.

If you’re thinking of visiting another city, HERE Maps also features dedicated city pages. From here you can download that city map as well as see where’s good to visit while you’re there.


We all have favourite places in many parts of the world and adding those favourite places to your private collections is really easy. Collections can be customised and named for easy reference. For example, ‘London sightseeing’, or ‘Honeymoon hotspots’. These can also be synced to any other HERE app and on here.com.

This version of HERE Maps also includes the option to view a destination before you get there, using panoramic photo views for the world’s biggest cities, zoom into street level and pan around for a better view.

There’s also a neat tilt control that allows for 3D viewing.

Don’t forget you can pin locations as tiles to your Start screen, just like you can on your Lumia smartphone for fast and easy navigation.

This version of HERE Maps will be exclusively available for Nokia Lumia 2520 at sales start.

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