Superpowers for everyday, brought to you by HERE

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to have superpowers?

You’re in luck, because Alex Osaki of the HERE team knows how to answer that question. We spent some time with him to discover what he’s hiding under his goofy trilby hat and to understand where his three superpowers come from. Most importantly we have some tips for how you can get those same superpowers.

Always know what’s around you

You can get the superpower of LiveSight with HERE Maps for your Windows Phone 8 smartphone. Just tap on the eye icon next to your location or search for places and activate the LiveSight layer in the options. To learn more about LiveSight you can read our walk-through.

Thwart evil through the power of train timetables

With HERE Transit you can travel with confidence around more than 740 cities, including those you’re unfamiliar with. No matter where you are, you can quickly find your way though the jungle of subway lines and complicated timetables. If you want to know how to best use HERE Transit, read our how-to.

Predict the future

You can figure out how long you’re going to spend driving your daily commute with HERE Drive. Just activate My Commute and HERE Drive will learn your driving behaviour: when and where you usually go on a regular basis. With traffic information it will help you find the fastest route among your favourites. Learn more about My Commute in our guide.

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