Reinventing offline maps with incremental updates

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02nd Oct 2013

HERE has always been innovating digital maps. We were the first to introduce vector maps on smartphones; we’re the only ones to offer a true offline location experience, and today we are reinventing offline maps with incremental updates.


People love keeping their smartphones and apps up-to-date because they know they get the latest features and bug fixes. This is, of course, even more true for maps, which have to reflect changes to the world around us as quickly as possible.

All these updates can create some fatigue, which is why we decided to simplify the way you get new offline maps.

When an update is available, you don’t have to download all your maps anew, only those roads and other map features that have been updated will be downloaded.

On average, this means 85-90 per cent less data and therefore a much faster update process. If, say, you have downloaded 1.5GB of maps, you can expect updates to weigh in at roughly 216MB.

HERE incremental updates are being rolled out right now for all Windows Phone 8 smartphones with the latest firmware (Nokia Amber for Lumia; GDR2 for all others).

To see whether incremental updates are available, you can download the latest offline maps by going to settings > applications > maps > check for updates.

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