Traffic-aware routing on

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12th Sep 2013

If you’re planning a journey, it’s always a good idea to check the traffic and road conditions. not only shows you a route on how to get to where you’re going, it can also highlight any traffic, planned road closures or incident problems, too.

By default, when you look at, you’ll see a simple, clean map with street names scattered about. Exactly what you’d expect from a map.

However, to add some real-time traffic information to the roads, click the traffic conditions icon at the top right of the screen – it’s the one with two cars on it.

Traffic and incidents


As if by magic, the subtle tones of the main streets will turn to green, yellow, red or black.

Green means that the traffic is light, yellow means that traffic is moderate, red indicates heavy traffic, black are the blocked roads. If you see red or black, it’s best to avoid that area.

In addition to these coloured roads, you may see different icons dotted about that represent something to be cautious of.

For instance, a yellow icon with workman on it indicates there’s construction of some sort at that particular area.

And if you see a black icon with a picture of a bollard inside, that road’s closed – best to find another route.


Each icon, when clicked, contains more information about that particular incident, so you’ll know exactly when it started, and possibly the end time.

Traffic-aware routing


When it comes to planning a route on, traffic conditions are also considered.

Once you’ve selected your stating point and your destination, you’re shown several routes each detailing the distance, the duration of the journey and also the time it will take using current traffic information.

Each option is also colour-coded with red, yellow, or green for clarity. Again, if it’s red, avoid.

As you hover over the route options with your cursor, you’ll see the route on the main map begin to change. This helps you understand each route more without committing with a click.

Once you’re happy with a route, click on it to see the turn-by-turn details.

Then, you can share it or print it – yes, some people still like to print maps.

Visit today and check out the real-time traffic updates.