HERE Auto: connect your car to the cloud

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30th Aug 2013

Today we introduced HERE Auto, an embedded in-dash navigation system, and the HERE Auto Companion app – the latest additions to our world-class location products and services.

Internet connectivity transforms the abilities of many devices, including cars. However, we believe that a connected car isn’t just about putting a smartphone in vehicles. We believe that connectivity creates vast new possibilities for the automobile industry. HERE Auto and HERE Auto Companion app aim to take advantage of those possibilities and bring our vision of a connected car to life.


With HERE Auto and its companion app, we are offering a complete location experience that assists you all the time:

  • When you plan your journey – on or on your smartphone;
  • When you drive – with embedded voice-guided turn-by-turn navigation in 95 countries, traffic re-routing and fuel prices;
  • When you approach your destination – with street level images, parking availability and indoor maps.



Like all HERE products, it has been built with the only maps trusted by most carmakers, already available in 4 out of 5 cars with in-dash navigation. This is why it provides the right maps at the right moment; for instance, a helicopter view when you’re driving on a highway, a zoomed-in view when you’re in the city and street level images when you’re approaching the destination.

HERE Auto even works offline and you can rely on it in areas with weak or absent mobile network coverage.

When an Internet connection is available, HERE Auto shines even more: it keeps maps always fresh, thanks to small but continuous over-the-air updates. Or you can download new maps for those journeys that bring you far away from home.


To help ignite even more innovation, we are also providing OS-independent RESTful APIs for HERE Auto. Carmakers are therefore able to offer and have full control of integrated in-car experiences, extending HERE Auto with features such as music and social networking.

HERE Auto Companion app for Android and Windows Phone

One of the best aspects of a connected car is that you can also access it remotely. Of course, as mentioned above, you can use HERE to synchronize your favourite places, routes and commutes on different mobile devices. But with the HERE Auto Companion App you can go one step further.

With this smartphone app for Android and Windows Phone, you can find out where you left your car (with LiveSight) and stay in touch with all the sensors in your vehicle such as the fuel level and tire pressure. You can even lock/unlock your car or control air conditioning.

Here_Companion_screen02 Here_Companion_screen03

How to get HERE Auto and the companion app

HERE Auto is already integrated in Continental’s next generation Open Infotainment Platform. HERE is also working with partners such as Magneti Marelli and others to bring HERE Auto to the market in the coming months.

HERE Auto is helping carmakers innovate with a connected car solution. So watch this space to find out which car models will integrate this system and if you want to learn more, visit us at the Frankfurt Motor Show (IAA) on September 10th.

image credit (homepage banner): rhodes