How to really outsmart traffic

Mapping and routing are only part of the turn-by-turn navigation story today. Live traffic information is critical to plan your route, to know how much time you will need to get there and to use more regularly navigation services, enhancing your overall experience.

Increasingly, real-time traffic is seen as a ‘must-have’ feature by 36 per cent of people with navigation devices and another 55 per cent are interested in having the feature according to Strategy Analytics. In fact, people and businesses with traffic-enabled navigation spent, according to our studies, 18 per cent less time driving on average than those without, saving fuel costs and the environment.

Traffic on HERE


Congestion, pollution and parking plague the modern driver, HERE helps people everywhere overcome the challenges of driving today.

HERE’s heritage in navigation stretches back to the mid-1980s. Times have changed and technology has evolved, enabling us to focus on solving the challenges of navigation in new ways in order to deliver traffic services in a more intuitive, human, way.

We are not a search company that happens to do mapping to improve search algorithms. We are a mapping company that helps people navigate their lives.

How we build traffic services

Do you still think that traffic services work by just aggregating more and more data from data probes? Think again. The quality of the data is more important than the quantity. This is why we talk about ‘smart data’.

When collecting probes from smartphones alone, for instance, how do you distinguish between drivers stuck in traffic and moving slowly from people walking or forgetting their smartphones at home or in the office? Or how do you distinguish different streams that intersect in big junctions or cross over one another?

HERE aggregates and analyses traffic data from a vast wealth of sources, including the world’s largest compilation of both commercial and consumer probe data, the world’s largest fixed proprietary sensor network, publicly available event-based data and billions of historical traffic records.

We also combine 20 billion real-time GPS probe points a month with historical information and search queries to learn where people are travelling and what the conditions are like. The freshness of that data is vital: almost half of all our data is under one minute old and more than three-quarters is under five minutes old.

Adding a human touch to commuting

HERE Drive - My Commute AssistanceHERE Drive - My Commute Settings

Our uniquely detailed traffic data helps HERE deliver unprecedented levels of accuracy to our traffic services, but we think that we can do even better than providing a colour-coded representation of the local traffic situation.

My Commute brings in personal interaction, but learning your preferences and enhancing them with our leading traffic service rather than relying only on crowd sourced traffic information. Crowd sourcing is an interesting solution to traffic management but it can be too distracting for the driver to report incidents and rich information. With My Commute, the human element is at the foreground.

Adding a human touch to commuting, showing traffic along the route you actually prefer to drive everyday is much more valuable than blindly recalculating a new route. We value your true driving preferences to avoid the street with the long traffic lights, the blind left turn and other qualitative elements that computed routes just don’t capture. It’s your favorite commute, so knowing the traffic for the road you drive is much more human than telling you daily to change you driving habits.

What’s your experience with traffic services? Have you used My Commute on your daily commutes? Let us know in the comments section below.

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