HERE Maps, HERE Drive, HERE Drive+ and HERE Transit updated

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09th Jul 2013

In the coming days, new versions of HERE Maps, HERE Drive, HERE Drive+ and HERE Transit will be available for download for everyone with Windows Phone 8 smartphones.

Traffic info and My Commute now in HERE Drive and HERE Drive+

Both versions of HERE Drive get an updated, more intuitive user interface, and come with significant improvements under the hood. We’ve introduced an overview of traffic conditions in and around your area, plus My Commute, which shows you at a glance the estimated travel time among the roads you drive daily, letting you know if you need to head out early or have extra time before you leave.

Why would you need navigation on routes you take regularly? Well, if you have options and combine that with intelligence on the traffic situation locally, you can quickly switch course.


My Commute informs you of the best route and the expected arrival time at a glance on the Live Tile. When you’re driving, My Commute continues to monitor your route and notifies you of any unexpected delays that might lie ahead and suggest alternative routes. You can even customize My Commute by setting up multiple commutes.  My Commute is currently available in 26 countries.

HERE Transit now easier to use

The user interface and user experience are inextricably linked. This is why we have significantly redesigned the user experience of HERE Transit by taking advantage of the Windows Phone interface. We recognize, in fact, how important software design is: people expect well-designed products, which are both aesthetically appealing and extremely intuitive. We therefore observe how our testers behave with our products and we understand when some features are either not found or not used and we go back to the design board with what we’ve learned. We only stop when we are satisfied by the results.

Interact with the world around you with the new HERE Maps

HERE Maps has also been updated with a new look and technical improvements. In particular, we’re taking our augmented reality experience, LiveSight, one step further. Unlike wearable devices, such as glasses or wrist watches, which don’t allow you to interact with the world around you, with LiveSight you can stop and take a closer look at everything you find and browse in comfort. You can tap the virtual signs in your camera display to learn more about places that catch your eye, or explore different categories of places.

HERE Apps Availability

HERE for all Windows Phone 8 smartphones

HERE offers true offline maps and the most complete, intuitive, and personal location experience available on any platform, making Windows Phone 8 the leading location enabled OS.

In fact, the updated versions of HERE Drive+, HERE Transit and HERE Maps are also available for all Windows Phone 8 smartphones and people using HERE Drive can upgrade to a global navigation license. Pricing and regional availability are explained in the overview below.

‘HERE location experiences will be highly valued by many Windows Phone users, going substantially beyond maps and basic directions’, said Tim Shepherd, Senior Analyst from Canalys. ‘Reliable live traffic information and personalised commuter recommendations are genuinely useful, and HERE’s impressive Transit coverage has the potential to give people confidence and clarity in planning and navigating cities’ public transport systems.’