Looking for a real clear view?

Have you ever looked for an apartment half way around the world? Or wanted to show your new boyfriend the neighborhood where you grew up? Then of course you know why we are excited about our updated aerial imagery, which is rolling out one week after we updated our street maps.

We are starting on here.com with United States, Western Europe and South Africa, which make up 14 million of km2 of land area.


Soon, we will have better-resolution images covering 90% of global landmass and later this year, they will be available on smartphones too. While other companies are cleaning up their high level views, we’re providing clear, disruption free views on zoomed in levels with better resolution so that you can see more details and fresh maps with more recent images.

Click through the pics to see the actual live maps!


In the US and Europe, for example, you won’t see any cloud cover blocking images and you will be able to see continuous coast to coast high resolution aerial imagery.

The zoomed in views provide a much better canvas to discover the world around you and explore new places. Close up aerial images provide that view from above that helps people orient themselves in places they have never been.

For companies these images are crucial. Fleet management companies, for example, use these views to plan their destinations and find out where they can pick up and deliver goods.


That aerial view is a crucial part of our quest to build the world’s best maps and over the coming months we will continue to improve our view from the sky. But, for now, we’re ready for our close-up!


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