HERE brings sight recognition to Maps

Every day, more apps and mobile experiences are integrating augmented reality features.

At HERE, we believe that this technology is going to shape the future of mobile devices and the way we interact with them. Whether they are smartphones, the windshield of a car or something completely new.

Because sight is the sense we depend on most for exploring, and because it helps us bridge the virtual and real worlds, we’re investing heavily in sight recognition technologies. In particular, when we marry sight recognition with accurate 3D models of the real world and live map information, you get what we call LiveSight.

“As AR takes off into the mainstream… the value lies in the discovery it helps enable and monetize” Kit Eaton wrote recently in Fast Company.

It’s therefore not a coincidence that the latest release of Foursquare for Windows Phone 8 uses our LiveSight technology to help you find specials and discover the best places around you.


How is HERE better with LiveSight?

HERE uses sight navigation as a new way to discover and find your way through the world. Sometimes pins on a map are not quite enough, LiveSight uses sight to recognize and identify places around you simply, by looking around through your phone’s display.

In HERE Maps, LiveSight allows you to pinpoint exactly where you’re going just by looking. Just open HERE Maps, tap the LiveSight icon and pan around. LiveSight reveals shops, restaurants and your favourite places as virtual signs on buildings right on your screen.

With LiveSight you can ‘see’ the place you’re looking for, and know which way you need to walk, even in crowded areas.

HERE Maps with LiveSight is about getting you where you’re going quickly, even when there are no house numbers or if all the buildings look alike. So LiveSight in HERE Maps lets you literally see your destination.

And there’s one more bonus… LiveSight in HERE Maps works completely offline too.

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