Two go together – Nokia and SAP


Innovation plays a very important role at Nokia, especially if it contributes to building a sustainable future. We are therefore happy to support SAP in their effort to combine mobility and sustainability by powering their TwoGo car-sharing service with HERE.

Sustainable practices already run through Nokia’s entire manufacturing and design process, nowadays they also inspire a new generation of services. With HERE, Nokia is already helping commuters to avoid traffic or, even better, to use public transport. Projects like Ford Evos leverage our location know-how to help drivers save on fuel and/or reduce carbon emissions.

Today an increasing number of enterprises are acknowledging the benefits location-based services can bring to their business. SAP selected HERE as location backbone for their TwoGo car-sharing service because it delivers the world’s best maps and location experiences across multiple screens and operating systems.


But what is TwoGo exactly? With TwoGo, employees can share their commutes to work so that they can be better networked and be more productive. At the same time, their companies can reduce costs for corporate fleets, parking infrastructure and travel expenses. TwoGo works in the cloud, it is instantly ready and it automatically organizes employees into carpools.

TwoGo has been specifically designed for large companies, because it works with corporate calendar applications, so that rides are synched with the employee’s daily work schedules.

Thomas Cook is already adopting TwoGo, which is currently available for companies in Germany and the US (with carpools anywhere in the world), with more countries available soon. If you want to know more about TwoGo, check out the website at www.twogo.com.


Do you already use car sharing services at work? What do you think of TwoGo? Let us know in the comments section below.

image credits: Pink Sherbert Photography, kennymatic

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