HERE makes the most out of Windows Phone 8


Although HERE is available on different devices and OS, it works best on Nokia Lumia. Windows Phone 8 allows Nokia, Microsoft and third parties to develop location experiences based on the HERE platform. Also, the popular HERE Maps, HERE Drive(+), HERE Transit and HERE City Lens are optimized for specific uses, so you get exactly the information you need whether you’re walking, driving or catching the train. These HERE experiences also make the most out of Windows Phone 8 and its Start screen. Let’s see how.

The home beacon

With HERE you can always know how to get home on foot, by train or by car. Just pin your home address to the Start screen from HERE Maps, HERE Drive or HERE Transit. The last option is particularly useful after a night out in the cool bars of your city.

Home Beacon - 1

The traveller

It’s easy to collect places you want to visit on your travels. You can add them as favourites on the go on your smartphone or at home on here.com: they’re all automatically synchronised. But this isn’t everything. You can pin the directions to that particular art gallery with HERE Maps. No matter how many detours you take on the way, you can always get to the destination with a tap.

The Traveller - 1

Traveller - 2

The foodie

If you love to try out all the restaurants in the city, you can pin the eat&drink category of HERE Maps to your Start screen. No matter which neighbourhood you’re roaming around, you always know what’s hot.

But you can also be more specific with your restaurant search. Let’s say you are a sushi lover, you can search for it with HERE City Lens and pin it to the Start screen. The next time you are craving for some maguro nigiri, you’ll find a sushi restaurant by just looking through your smartphone camera.

The Foodie - 1

The Foodie - 2

These are just few examples and the possibilities are endless. You can also use kid’s corner to create a location dashboard. Are you pinning any destinations, directions or place categories to your Start screen? Let us know in the comment section below or tweet to @heremaps.

image credit: puliarf

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