How HERE experiences work together

How HERE experiences work together

If you haven’t done so yet, you can download HERE for Windows Phone 8 – HERE Maps, HERE Drive(+), HERE Transit and HERE City Lens – from the Windows Phone Store.

We believe that HERE delivers more than just apps. We like to call them experiences. They are the industry’s most comprehensive set of location services, built to work seamlessly together. As such, it’s easy to transition between walking, driving and transit as you move through your day. This is possible because HERE Maps, HERE Drive(+), HERE Transit and HERE City Lens are making the most of our platform, which is the foundation of the location experiences on Windows Phone 8.

Contrary to competitive solutions, we didn’t want to build a single app that’s all things to all people. Instead, each HERE experience is optimized for specific uses, so you get exactly the information you need whether you’re walking, driving or catching the train. Additionally, the HERE experiences work together so you don’t have to stop and switch apps. Let’s see how, with some easy examples.

When you look for a nice restaurant on HERE Maps you can easily plan your route there. HERE Maps automatically suggest the best way, but you can always decide whether to go on foot, by car or by public transport. If you’re on foot, HERE Maps provides turn-by-turn navigation specifically designed for pedestrians.

If you prefer to take your car, HERE Maps shows you the route and with a tap provides the option to start HERE Drive(+) for voice guided turn-by-turn navigation. Last but not least, HERE Maps shows you the optimal route by train or local public transport (available in over 700 cities in 50 countries). If you need more alternatives or schedules, you can start HERE Transit with a tap, too.

From-HERE-Transit-to-HERE-Maps-1 From-HERE-Transit-to-HERE-Maps-2

If you are like me and commute via public transportation, you might be a heavy user of HERE Transit and probably have pinned to start your home address to figure out how to get home from anywhere in the city. But sometimes in an unfamiliar area, although HERE Transit is providing you with all the information and schedules, you might feel more comfortable to be guided to the train stop. This is why you can now get HERE Maps turn-by-turn walk navigation from HERE Transit.

From-HERE-Maps-to-HERE-Drive From-HERE-Maps-to-HERE-Transit

And when you are using HERE City Lens to discover places nearby, you can easily open HERE Maps to get more information, see photos and read reviews about what you have found.


Have you been in similar situations and seamlessly switched between any of the HERE experiences? Let us know in the comments section below.

Reminder: Pino will be taking part in a Twitter Q&A about HERE experiences, hosted by the folks from @NokiaUS later today.

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