HERE Maps, HERE Drive and HERE Transit for other Windows Phone 8 smartphones


When Nokia and Microsoft laid out a partnership to build a winning ecosystem around Windows Phone, we made it clear that location would play a crucial role, with Nokia’s mapping capabilities powering Windows Phone’s entire location offering. Our commitment is to develop smartphones that bring leading location experiences. Windows Phone 8 partners and developers will even be able to use Nokia’s HERE location assets to build high quality location-based experiences.

‘HERE’s aim is to be a location platform widely available across the web and, of course, within Windows Phone 8 – it’s a horizontal business. The more people use the platform, the better the quality of data it will provide. In its own phones Nokia will work on the quality of the apps as a differentiators. Other manufacturers can either take the basic Nokia apps, or develop their own’ said Martin Garner, SVP Internet, CCS Insight.

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In a joint effort to further strengthen the Windows Phone ecosystem, Microsoft and Nokia are making HERE Maps, HERE Drive and HERE Transit available to people with any Windows Phone 8 smartphone. This exclusive offer is available in U.S., Canada, Mexico, UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain.

With the HERE suite, your Windows Phone 8 smartphone is going to be a great companion for everyday experiences like finding places, driving your car or riding the bus.

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HERE Maps has been designed to help you find places anywhere, get reviews, photos and then plan a route.


HERE Drive is for anyone who gets behind the wheel of a car. It has a unique user interface developed for in-car use. This particular version for all Windows Phone 8 smartphones includes navigation for your region.

HERE-Transit---History-and-Favs HERE-Transit---Journey-Planner

HERE Transit is for public transport commuters who want to know the best time to leave the office or for partygoers who want a one-tap access to information on the next bus home.

Since these are Windows Phone applications, you can even save your favourite destination as Live Tiles and then wherever you are the app will calculate a route based on your current location and the predefined end point.

HERE Maps, HERE Drive and HERE Transit for Windows Phone 8 come with helpful features like offline capabilities, voice guided navigation, speed limit warning, venue maps, place reviews and train schedules. And they also work seamlessly together. You can start HERE Drive or HERE Transit from within HERE Maps to plan a route to your destination. All your places are also saved in the HERE cloud so that you can access them from here.com, HERE Drive, HERE Maps and HERE Transit.

You can download the HERE suite now from the Windows Phone store in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, UK, France, Germany, Italy or Spain (a local SIM card required).

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