Photo Maps – powered by HERE platform

Photo Maps - powered by HERE platform

Taking photos on your Nokia Lumia just got more location-aware, thanks to Photo Maps. By splitting your camera viewfinder in half, you’ll see the real-world on top and a map of where it was taken below – using Nokia Maps.

Photo Maps can be found in your application list or you can open it right from the camera UI under the Lenses option.

Powered by HERE platform, you’ll always have access the mapping data that’s stored on your phone, so no Internet connection is required when you’re out taking photos. So, even in the middle of nowhere where you’ll almost certainly be disconnected from the network, Photo Maps will still work perfectly.

Upon loading Photo Maps you’ll see the world from two angles; one from the viewfinder of your Nokia Lumia, and the other from above as you’re located on Nokia Maps. As you move, the scene from your viewfinder will change, as will the location that’s displayed at the bottom half of the image.

Photo Maps landscape

By default, you’re presented with the road view on Nokia Maps. If you want to change the view to Aerial, Hybrid or Terrain, head into settings and select the options there.

Settings is also where you’ll see the option to turn off location. I don’t know why you would with this app, as without that option it’d just make sense to use the normal camera. However, if you were to switch it off, the map section on screen will show you a wider view of the world.

Where is this useful?

That’s a good question, as for most situations you probably won’t turn to this app, as it’s quite a niche product. Having said that, there are plenty of scenarios where this would be useful.

For example, if you’re out camping in the middle of nowhere and want to take a photo of something interesting, you could use this app. Not only would you have taken a photo of something you’d found in the woods, but you’ll also know exactly where it was. This actually happened to me a few months ago and Photo Maps would have been perfect for documenting my find – it was just a strange plant, nothing sinister.

Or, if you’re looking for a new house, or perhaps even an estate agent, and you’re out taking photos of properties, this app is perfect. Wait for the sun to perfectly light the house, take the shot and see immediately below where the house is. This photo can then be forwarded onto other people, who will know exactly where the property is and what it looks like, on one image.

Or, if you’ve arranged to meet some friends at a new bar and you’re the first on the scene, take a photo of the front of the building along with the map and send it to your friends. They’ll immediately know what to look for and where it’s positioned on the street.

Rather than taking a photo of a bar, property for sale or a strange plant in the woods, you can activate the front camera and take a photo of your very own face. It’s a good way to prove you are where you say you are ;-)

Photo Maps is available for the Nokia Lumia 920 and Lumia 820, costing £1.29 ($1.49) – with the option to try before you buy.

What would you use Photo Maps for? Let us know, in the comments box below.

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