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Last week we introduced HERE, the world’s first location cloud that delivers a location platform, content and apps across almost any screen and operating system.

Because HERE and Nokia Lumia are naturally made for each other, providing the best location experience on a smartphone, you are going to soon see updates to Nokia Maps, Nokia Drive, Nokia Transport and Nokia City Lens.

But HERE is open to all devices and operating systems to give more people, with almost any type of device, the ability to use the best location platform in the world. You probably already know that HERE Maps is now available on iOS (check out this favourable review on Forbes), but today we would like to have a look at here.com.

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Here.com is the natural evolution of maps.nokia.com, which is being regularly updated to offer a great mapping experience when you’re home or in the office. Indeed, just two weeks ago we introduced Groupon Now! deals, weather forecasts and maps labs to give you the opportunity to test new features before anyone else. But there’s more. With here.com we have introduced few more features for you to enjoy.

Now you can organize your favourite places in collections such as “Hip Bars” or “Cheap Eats” and sync them with your mobile device* so you can build your personal map and easily find them again. For instance, you can add a place to your collections on your phone and post a review when you get home: wherever you are, you’re always in sync. Just sign-in with your Nokia or Facebook account to get started.

If you already loved our maps in 3D, you are going to enjoy them even more on here.com. Powered by the latest technologies like WebGL, here.com now offers a 3D experience without the need of any plugin. Just open here.com with a supported browser and select the 3D view to explore the world without leaving your living room. You can also plan and preview your route in 3D or wear 3D goggles to enjoy a stereoscopic view of 25 major cities around the world.

We are also extending the coverage of cities where you can enjoy our street level images. This gives you the opportunity to see what a place looks like in greater detail before getting there.

Last, but not least, Map Creator is now available for over 100 countries so that you can help us building the world’s freshest, most up-to-date maps. You can add or edit roads and paths and share your work with the whole world. We are committed to providing the best quality maps: in some countries we are using our innovative collection technologies blended with a team of local experts. In other cases, we recognize that a different approach is needed and this is why we have made Map Creator, available in countries where we need it the most.

Have you used here.com yet? Let us know in the comments section below or

*Syncing collections between your Nokia Lumia and here.com is not yet available. You can still sync all your favourite places, but on the go they are going to be listed under one list.

image credit: Eric Fischer

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