Nokia Transport beta update download begins today

Nokia Transport beta update download begins today

Planning a journey across a city by public transport can be a nightmare; what time does the train arrive? How do I get from the station to the end destination? Nokia has the answer to those problems. Nokia Transport can help you find the best and quickest route around town, and the latest version, available as a beta you can download and test from Nokia Beta Labs expands on the global coverage and delivers more improvements.

For regular users of public transport, you’ll be familiar with trying to figure out how to get somewhere, in the time that suits you. Nokia Transport uses your current location to find transport stations nearby, and by using your input to find a destination, calculates the best way to get there.

One of the new clever features we have now introduced with Nokia Transport is that it knows you likely want to search for transport stations, and will therefore prioritise them for you. These will be pushed to the top of the list, meaning that you’re spending less time hunting through the possible destination list.

Nokia Transport is available in more than 550 cities worldwide, and our coverage is constantly growing. For cities where public transport schedules are published and available, Nokia Transport provides timetable routing. This includes details of precise departure and arrival times, the time the transport will stop at each stop along the journey as well as any waiting times you may have between different legs of the journey. Plus, automatic over-the-air updates ensure you always have the latest information on schedules and routes as well as on newly supported cities.

Nokia Transport journey planner Nokia Transport journey details

In this new version of Nokia Transport, the icons have been modified to make your journey more ‘glanceable’, allowing you to keep your head up more and not stuck pointing downwards, facing the screen of your phone. Different icons now represent different modes of transport, e.g. bus, train, or subway each has it’s own icon. Additionally, hotels, restaurants and shops now have new icons, too.

Whether you’re looking for the way back to your hotel or to a café you only recently discovered, your previous destinations are now also always available by swiping left or right on the start screen of the app. So, no matter where you are, simply tap on one of them to see the route option for getting there from wherever you are.

Nokia Transport departures Nokia Transport walk

Exclusive to the Nokia Lumia family, Nokia Transport is your perfect companion if you’re hopping on and off public transport. Even if you’re not a regular public transport user, this is one of those apps that’s useful to have in your app-arsenal.

This latest version of Nokia Transport is available for the Nokia Lumia 610, Nokia Lumia 710, Nokia Lumia 800 and the Nokia Lumia 900. You can also expect to see Nokia Transport arriving on the upcoming Nokia Lumia 920 and Lumia 820, too.

Important notice: there might be a publishing delay (1-2 days) on Windows Phone Store in your country or region. If you don’t see the new version, try checking the store later, or until your phone informs you of an update. Thanks for your patience.

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