Discover the latest features on maps.nokia.com

We are always very busy updating our mobile apps.  Just recently, for instance, we have released a new version of Nokia Drive, Nokia Maps and Nokia Transport. But mobile apps are only half of the story. In fact, we’re continually updating our web offering so that you can discover new or improved features almost every week.

During the past few weeks, we have introduced some cool new features to maps.nokia.com while other improvements have happened under the hood. So let’s have a closer look at what’s changed since the last time we talked about maps.nokia.com.

First of all we have introduced more ways to interact with routes and map. Sometimes, in fact, you don’t want to plan a route from A to B, but get a feeling of how far apart two or more places are from another.

This is why we have introduced the ruler tool, with which you can measure the straight line distance between two points. And you can also have fun measuring perimeters, like I did with the Chicago Loop. Did you know it’s approximately 8km long?


Another feature you can now enjoy is the ability to drag and drop any point on the route. So it’s going to be much easier to select alternative routes or waypoints by simply interacting with the map.


But the biggest improvement of the last weeks is on the traffic side. You are probably very much familiar with the colour coding we are using to explain which roads are congested and which are relatively free.

Now we are making that experience much richer, by adding more info on congestion. On the map you will see different icons representing different kinds of traffic problems: road closures, planned construction works, incidents, etc. By clicking on the icon you will be given all the details you need in order to plan your journey.


Do you use maps.nokia.com? What is your favourite feature? Let us know in the comments section below.

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