Nokia Public Transport goes commercial

Public Transport London

GLOBAL – Using Nokia Maps to explore cities and urban areas is a pleasure. With the integrated and free voice guided turn-by-turn walk navigation you can go anywhere on foot, with shortcuts and footpaths all considered. However, sometimes you just want to take a bus or the tube to reach your destination: it’s just faster. And it might be also essential for your daily commute.

This is why we have developed Nokia Public Transport. It’s an app (currently available for Nokia Belle), which is going to be your perfect commuter and traveller companion.

Nokia Public Transport provides the most convenient underground, trams, buses and suburban trains directions in almost 80 cities or urban areas across the world. All the details are available on your Nokia smartphone and always accessible. You won’t need to carry around travel cards, timetables or network maps anymore.

As a commuter, you will find being able to save destinations such as office, home, clients addresses and friends houses to the app start screen particularly useful. Each time you open Nokia Public Transport you’ll have a quick overview and one-tap access to the next departures for those favourite destinations.

Public Transport planner Public Transport walking

You can search for any address in your city but also for point of interests like restaurants or hotels. Very useful when you are visiting a city you are not familiar with. Nokia Public Transport also helps you walking to the stop you have to board and guides you from the final stop to your destination with the free voice guided turn-by-turn walk navigation provided by Nokia Maps.

Some of you might be already familiar with Nokia Public Transport, which we introduced for the first time, as beta, on Nokia Beta Labs last October. In fact, we have been collecting all your feedback to perfect the app.

We have been also introducing more cities to our already impressive coverage. Such as Helsinki (our home base and World Design Capital 2012) and Austin, TX (useful for the upcoming SxSW) but also Baltimore, MD, Sacramento, CA and Philadelphia, PA.

Public Transport Philadelphia

Today we are highlighting the commercial release of Nokia Public Transport for Nokia Belle, and if you love this version you can already test the next version (with more coverage and features) which is part of Nokia Maps Suite beta.

We would also like to remind that public transport directions are also available on http://maps.nokia.com, useful to easily plan your route on your web browser. Android or iOS users can do exactly the same on http://m.maps.nokia.com.

Nokia Maps for Nokia N9 and Nokia Maps for Nokia Lumia also provide public transport directions.

Last but not least, we are working on Nokia Public Transport for Nokia Lumia too, so stay tuned for further news.

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