Nokia Maps Suite beta for Nokia Belle

Nokia Drive

GLOBAL – Now that you have updated your Nokia smartphone with Nokia Belle, you can enjoy some additional perks. For example, you can test and give your feedback to the next release of our location based services.

Under the name of Nokia Maps Suite we have, in fact, packaged a series of tools that will help you experience adventures everyday: Nokia Maps, Nokia Drive and Nokia Public Transport are just the beginning. You are going to love all the apps included in the newest release of Nokia Maps Suite. Just point your browser to Nokia Beta Labs to download it now.

With Nokia Maps you always know where you are and what’s around you thanks to our impressive coverage of over 190 countries and tens of millions of points of interest (POI). To find more easily the place you are looking for we are testing voice search in English language, in the UK (it only works if you have a UK SIM in your Nokia smartphone).

Nokia Maps 01 Nokia Maps 02

Geotagged photos and contacts on your Nokia smartphone are now displayed in Nokia Maps, which is therefore getting more personal. You can see all your memories on the map and immediately recognize home or office addresses of the people that matter to you. To use this feature, of course, you have to save the location data of your photos and save addresses in your phonebook.

Nokia Drive has been updated too. First of all with there’s the same voice search engine we are testing in Nokia Maps (same conditions apply). But I know from Twitter that many of you will be happy to use the multi-point route planner we have included. And when you have created your favourite route you can easily save it on your Nokia smartphone with Nokia Belle.

Public TransportIf you love traveling with buses and trains like I do, you are probably already using Nokia Public Transport. The version included in Nokia Maps Suite beta has a more extensive coverage and a new algorithm that calculates the best route to your destination. The feature I love the most is the possibility to save my favourite destination on the app home screen. In addition to this, there’s also the possibility to start Nokia Public Transport from Nokia Maps by long pressing on any point on the map.

Nokia Maps Suite also brings you the latest weather forecasts. This is useful when trying to decide if you need an umbrella, or not, before you walk out the door. But, you can also look at the weather for almost any area (we support more than 100) you want. Whether it’s your next travel destination or where the people you care about live. All one swipe away.


Two home screen widgets are included in Nokia Maps Suite, too: My location and Places. With them you can save among your favourites and share with your friends either your location or a nearby place. Directly from your home screen.

My location widget Places nearby widget

I’m sure you are going to enjoy this beta release of Nokia Maps Suite but remember to leave your feedback at Nokia Beta Labs. This is how we can fix small imperfections and improve your Nokia Maps Suite experience.

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