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GLOBAL – A lot of people will be familiar with Nokia Maps but did you know that we also have a way to help you get from A to B via public transit systems?

Nokia Public Transport helps you get to your destination without wasting time by hooking up to the main local services in your area so you know whether you’d be better off taking a bus, tram, train or underground. It tells you everything you need to know from how to get to the bus stop, station or other transport starting point, to timings and interchanges and how to get to your destination after your final stop. And all for free.

You can also save destinations on your Nokia smartphone that you make regularly for one-click access, get notifications of service disruptions and even discover interesting nearby places. Apart from travelling on foot or on bicycle, public transport is probably the most environmentally-friendly way to travel there is and it’s also the most practical way to get around in many busy cities so we think this will be a highly used, very valuable service.

In total, we initially offer Public Transport information for routing for more than 450 cities in 46 countries across our web destination at maps.nokia.com and on the mobile with timetable support in 71 cities.

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Nokia Public Transport obviously ties in to other Nokia services like Maps, Drive and Walk but it also has connections with other efforts we’re making. For example, we have currently signed an agreement with the New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) to explore the most cost efficient and customer-friendly options for fare payment across its transportation system using your Nokia phone. It will let New Yorkers use their phones in a contact-less payment system based on NFC technology. Users get a faster, more efficient service while the MTA saves time and money by getting rid of a manual process.

So we’re working our hardest to make your journey as easy, green and smart as possible. Try our services and tell us what you think.

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