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First of all, a nice surprise for the location fans among you: the wonderful Nokia Maps 3D is going to be 100% 3D and 0% plugin. If you want to give it a try, it’s been available for a while. All you need to do is point your browser (only Chrome at the moment, other browsers are being tested) to http://maps.nokia.com/webgl

New additions to Nokia Maps

  • Plugin-free 3D maps
  • Heat maps in 56 countries
  • Public Transport guides
  • Explore Places

Since we first launched Nokia Maps 3D, many of you were eager to know exactly how we are able to provide such a photorealistic experience. With you in mind, we prepared the video at the top of the page that helps to explain all.

But of course maps.nokia.com is not only about 3D where you can feel like you were at any part of the world. Which is why we are introducing editorial pages for more than 50 cities around the world. Now you can discover all the cool places in, for instance, London, New York City, Buenos Aires, Melbourne, get the latest weather forecasts and Lonely Planet suggestions in one place.

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Nokia Maps London City Page

And to make you feel more like a local anywhere, we increased the coverage of heat maps to 56 cities. However, that’s not all. We have one more feature we would like to highlight: public transport.

Now, in more than 420 cities you can plan your journey from A to B also with underground, light rail and similar options. In more than 30 of those cities you also get timetable information to know exactly when you have to leave home.

Nokia Maps London Public Transport

Give maps.nokia.com a try today to find your perfect destination and have Nokia Maps guide you there, effortlessly.

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