Share places and plan a route using Nokia Maps on iOS and Android

A few days ago, Andy told you about our Nokia Maps (beta) for iOS and Android.

Today, we will take a closer look at some of the nifty features of Nokia Maps HTML5 that makes it a favorite.

Nokia Maps have millions of ‘places of interest’ in our database, from ATMs to Zoos, and everything in between. What more, we have partnered with respected services like Lonely PlanetMichelinQypeHRSExpediaTripAdvisorWcities and many more. This means that you get to see the reviews that appear on these sites about the particular places that you searched for. Additionally, Nokia Maps users can also login and upload images from their visits to these places and their ratings and reviews about them via their desktops or laptops.

Along with reviews from many reputed sources and our community, we also have information about the place like opening hours, contact details and other interesting places in the neighborhood that you can check out while you are there. Together, all these details help to provide you with a feel of the place that you want to visit and the neighborhood where it is located.

Let us say that you want to find the cool cocktail bar in your neighborhood and want to hangout there with your friends. First, you search for the place and find them. Once you have the place, you can click on the share button  on the place page and share it with your friends in many ways. You can use twitter or facebook, or you can email them. You can even send them a free sms message that you can personalize.

Once your friend gets the sms or email on her android or iOS device, she can click on the link and it will open up into the place page. Once on this page, your friend can call the place to book a table, or click on the route and find out how she can reach the place.

Route will show you how to reach this place by walking or by car, and approximately how much time each option may take. Additionally, she can also check out the public transport lines in the city and figure out if it is possible to catch a tram or subway to her destination.

Remember that these maps are in beta. Also, you can use your desktop or Nokia Maps mobile client for Nokia devices ( version3.06 or later) to experience all this. Our maps team is hard at work behind the scenes to bring more features to make your Nokia Maps (beta) for iOS and Android experience even more enjoyable. Meanwhile, let us know your experiences with Nokia Maps (beta) for iOS and Android in the comments section!

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