Nokia Maps goes to iOS and Android


GLOBAL – Hi all, I am Andy, who is the product owner of Nokia’s HTML5 maps.One of the most asked questions we get around maps is when we have them available for non-Nokia devices. Even though we did not give you a clear reply, we have been quietly working on bringing maps to all devices for you to enjoy. A few days back, some of you found out that now you can enjoy Nokia Maps on your smart devices with an HTML5 compatible browser. What this means is that you can have Nokia Maps on your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad with iOS4 or Android phones with Android 2.2 and Android 2.3. Simply type maps.nokia.com in your mobile browser and you are in the NokiaMaps page!

Nokia Maps (beta) for mobile web was presented for the first time at the Where 2.0 conference. Since then, on top of the new and classy Nokia blue theme, we have been adding more features and improving the user experience. It has been one of the projects that is keeping us busy these days and now, we like to share with you. Remember; this is in beta which means we will be adding more to this in the future.

So, what can you do with Nokia Maps (beta) for mobile web? This is a quick overview of what you can experience at maps.nokia.com on an iOS or Android device:

  1. You can see where you are on the map, thanks to HTML5 support for positioning
  2. You can find addresses, businesses and other places of interest, anywhere in the world
  3. You can get to know the places: all the essential information about a place are presented on one page (pictures, user reviews, popular travel guides description, contact information)
  4. You can plan the fastest route to your destination by car or on foot
  5. You can see where the public transport lines go, and where the stops are
  6. You can share your favourite places with your friends via SMS, email, Facebook or Twitter

Please try out Nokia maps on your devices, and let us know what you think in the comments section!

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